Jet Lag

What is it ?

Our bodies are set to a natural clock. Flying through more than three time zones can confuse your natural clock making you feel tired, irritable and either unable to sleep or too sleepy at the wrong times.

For most people, westward travel is easier to adapt to than eastward travel. This is probably because it is generally easier to elongate one’s day by staying up later, than to try to shorten one’s day by going to sleep earlier.

Prevention & Treatment

One useful strategy for easier eastbound travel is to take a flight that arrives earlier in the day and for westbound flights to take the last arriving so flight so that you arrive at night and sleep right away.

Travelers should remember that a heavy meal often makes one feel sleepy afterward. This can be used to the traveler’s advantage to try and fall asleep at a time when the body is not ready to fall asleep. Conversely a light meal may make it easier for you to remain awake when you need to. Of course caffeine containing drinks can be used to the same advantage

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