Hepatitis A


Hepatitis A is a very common liver infection caused by a virus spread through consuming contaminated food and water.
After returning home, travellers infected with Hepatitis A, can easily spread it to their close contacts.


Hepatitis A is commonly found in most parts of the world except North America, Western Europe, Australia and New Zealand.
Most travellers are at risk, even if you are staying at 5 star resorts, you are still at risk.


There is no treatment, so prevention is vital.
Be careful what you eat and drink. See our Food and Water Safety page.
Get vaccinated. The vaccine is very safe and effective.


Hepatitis A

Hepatitis A is a virus infection of the liver that is spread by consuming contaminated food and water, eating raw or undercooked shellfish, or from person-to-person contact.

Following infection, symptoms begin an average of 28 days later. They include fever, loss of appetite, nausea abdominal pain, and jaundice (yellowing of the skin and eyes).

Most people recover from the illness in 4-6 weeks, but in some it may take months. On average 1 % of healthy adult people will die from the illness.

Quick Facts

  • Most cases of Hepatitis A occur among travelers staying in resorts and high quality hotels.
  • Hepatitis A can survive on surfaces for at least 30 days.
  • About 1.5 million cases of Hepatitis A occur every year.
  • On your return home, despite being symptom-free, you can still spread the illness to others.
  • Vaccination for Hepatitis A is extremely safe and effective.

To get your Hepatitis A vaccine

To get your Hepatitis A vaccine call the GTA Travel Clinic and Vaccination Centre at 905 303 1900. We cover the Toronto, Richmond Hill and Woodbridge areas for Hepatitis A Vaccine

Please note: The information in this document is provided for general information purposes only. Nothing takes the place of speaking with a travel doctor. This information and your receipt thereof is not intended to be, nor shall be deemed to be, informed consent by you to any medical care or treatment whatsoever. Please consult our doctors at the GTA Travel Clinic and Vaccination Centre for a proper medical assessment.
Note that the vaccine is not a benefit of O.H.I.P. for adults.

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