Pneumonia is an infection of the lungs commonly caused by both bacteria and viruses in travellers.
Pneumonia can cause lung failure and is a leading cause of hospitalization and death in the world.


Pneumonia is found in all parts of the world, but there are various strains/types in different parts of the world.
Travelling can increase your risk for Pneumonia as it exposes you to new strains of the bacteria and viruses.


Pneumonia Vaccine is available to prevent bacterial pneumonia.
For travellers who have certain medical conditions and all those over age 65, vaccination is important.
Frequent hand washing and use of hand sanitizers will reduce risk.
For the average traveller face masks are impractical and of little value.


Pneumonia Vaccine in Toronto

Pneumonia can be caused by both viruses and bacteria. The one caused by bacteria is called Streptococcus pneumonia (Pneumococcus)

When this bacteria invades the lungs they cause bacterial pneumonia. About eight of ten cases of bacterial pneumonia are caused by pneumococcus. These bacteria can also attack other parts of the body. When the bacteria attacks the brain this is called meningitis.

About four out of ten healthy people have pneumococcal bacteria in their mouths and upper respiratory system. In most people, the bacteria will not cause serious illness, however, in people with high risk medical conditions the bacteria can cause disease if it gets into the lungs or blood.

The adult pneumonia vaccine (Pneumo 23, Pneumovax) can prevent pneumonia and other infections caused by 23 types of streptococcus pneumonia bacteria. The children’s Pneumonia vaccine (Prevnar 13), as its name implies, protects against 13 types of Pneumococcus infection.

The vaccine is very safe and well tolerated.

To get your Pneumonia vaccine call the GTA Travel Clinic and Vaccination Centre at 905 303 1900. We cover the Toronto, Richmond Hill and Woodbridge areas for Pneumonia Vaccine

Please note: The information in this document is provided for general information purposes only. Nothing takes the place of speaking with a travel doctor. This information and your receipt thereof is not intended to be, nor shall be deemed to be, informed consent by you to any medical care or treatment whatsoever. Please consult our doctors at the GTA Travel Clinic and Vaccination Centre for a proper medical assessment.

Pneumonia vaccine is a benefit of OHIP.

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