Service Trips

Service and Humanitarian Trips

Travelers planning on a service trip or volunteerism to places like Ecuador, Peru, Guatemala and Africa should take good measures to protect against diseases like typhoid fever , Hepatitis A , Yellow Fever, Travelers Diarrhea and Malaria. Some locations also have risk for Dengue fever, Chikungunya fever and Zika Virus.

Travelers should ensure adequate measures to prevent mosquito bites and should be well aware of all the potential pitfalls with diseases that may be spread from food and drinks.

Students going on these trips and their parents will have significant concerns about the risks in these areas. Each persons risk is different as it depends on your previous vaccination history, duration and location of travel and preexisting medical issues. Careful consultation with a physician who is an expert in travel medicine will ensure that the risks are managed in the best possible way and individualized for you.

Now is the time to visit the travel clinic to ensure adequate time for all vaccines to work and ensure availability of the vaccines. Please note that there are several new recommendations and requirements for Yellow Fever Vaccine to some of these destinations.

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